Our Library … What are we up to?

Colinsburgh sunrise
a new day dawns in Colinsburgh. Where is this?

Our Library, behind the Scenes

The last day of Fife’s operation of Colinsburgh Galloway Library (CGLT), the 28th of February, passed this week, with barely a ripple.

What are we up to?

Getting organised is what … here’s some examples:

  • We’ve been training our volunteers who will provide the service. You may well know someone who is involved, you can be too:
  • We’re cataloguing our books and getting organised:
    • someone has to do it … and it’s fun … and we’re learning
    • not everyone wants to be a librarian … but there are many ways to help
  • We became a registered company (limited by guarantee) on March 1st
  • We’re talking to our friends in other libraries and learning with them
  • We’re in lease negotiations with Fife Council
  • We’re applying for full charity status
  • We’re planning to develop our building
  • We’re making a plan, a simple, our-world focused plan to grow and sustain our service to our community

Our World

Anyone in our area: Kilconquhar and many of the small communities round about who aren’t now serviced by the old library.

Engage with us, share your thoughts, make use of our fantastic resource.

Working together we’ll build something for all of us.

Don’t be stuck, come and talk with us.



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