As some of you may know, the library computers were supplied by Paul Evans, who runs Gadget Stop Gaming in Buckhaven, who stepped in and helped us out when a previous offer of computers went west…

IMG_1481-001A recent stock delivery was found to contain literally hundreds of Audio books which Paul has now kindly donated to the Library!

The Audiobooks are in both the traditional multi-CD format, and the solid-state player format.

These audiobooks are pre-loaded onto their own player, and are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. Simply plug in a pair of headphones/earphones, and they’re ideal for use while traveling, in noisy environments, or simply moving about the house.

IMG_1485-001The library will also shortly be taking delivery of it’s own audio system for the Reading Room. This will be available for presentations, films, and groups who use audio e.g Story Teller sessions for kids.

Maybe there’s  a case for an audiobook club for adults, where you can gather and listen to a book being read, while relaxing with friends and a glass of wine?

Let us know…

Meantime, If you’re into video gaming, need a PC, laptop or computer repair, go and see Paul Evans at:

Gadget Stop Gaming

25 Randolph Street
Leven, Fife
Or connect with him on Facebook at:







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